How to setup Recurring Sales invoices




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    John Hallinan

    That did not help us produce a recurring invoice?

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    James Cleary

    I would like more detail on the process, what happens when you set a recurring invoice? does the system prompt you to print or email invoices? is there a process recurring invoice prompt?

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    SortMyBooks Helpdesk

    No, unfortunately it will not prompt you. It will just create an invoice in the system on the specified date. 

    The Invoice will be created overnight the night before it's recurring date. So if you have selected monthly starting from 1st of the month then on the 1st of each month your new invoice will be generated. You will see it by clicking on Sales and Invoices. There will be no tick mark in the Email or Printed section to show you that these are new invoices. You can then click on each one and Print or Email it out. There will then be a tick box beside the invoice to show it has been printed and/or emailed.

     Does that help?



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    Donal Moran


    Is there a way to view all the Recurring invoices that you have setup?

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