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    Thomas Kropmans

    Hi Anne,

    We had various talks and formal complaints with the BoI regarding not being able to download a complete CSV file of our Booking year starting the Booking Year in SortMyBooks. We're considering of changing banks because of the poor Business Online Services of BoI (we need to pay EU 70 per month to access this option. So, we can only download data from 90 days ago. We have tried to upload this info into SortMyBooks adding the requested dates and balance details. However, sortmybooks seams to only accepting a full booking year. Sure, we're doing something wrong here. I watched your instruction video but still we can't access this crucial feature, who is to blame? What can we do and your recommendation for a Banking system that fully support SMB functionality is appreciated. I'll keep trying in the mean time.

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    Hi Thomas 

    I am sure I can help. 

    How we and others like us have been using the BOI online banking is to 'scrape the screen' down into a CSV file. 

    We have added this format to our software to accept this without any changes. 

    I will contact you privately to understand more about your 'full booking year' question.

    kind regards



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